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Tapir is a messaging application meant to be used for synchronizing tasks across machines.

Read more at the Github repository.


Install with npm

  npm install -g node-tapir


The client handles two commands (--cmd), send and listen. If you listen for a topic you will be notified every time a message is sent to your topic.

tapir --cmd listen

# Open a connection to the server that listens for `send`s on the topic
# .../roman-numerals-kata, run git pull when a message arrives
tapir --cmd listen '' \
  --script 'git pull'

tapir --cmd send

# Send a message (ping) to the topic .../roman-numerals-kata
# tapir --cmd defaults to send so there is no need to write --cmd send
tapir ''

tapir --help

Usage: tapir [options] [topic] [message]
   --host: The host, default:
    --port: The port, default: 80
    --cmd: Command (send or listen), default: send
    --help: Prints this message
    --script: Run this command when a message arrives
    --verbose: Log some output
    topic: The topic you are interested int, defaults: topic
    message: The message, defaults: ping  --host: The host, default: